8 Careful Ways to Quickly Understand Lessons

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The time has come for you to face PAS (Final Semester Assessment). You will undoubtedly study more frequently than normal. Well, in these times, boredom arises when studying. It ‘s natural , especially if you find it difficult to understand the lesson because your way of studying is inappropriate or too forced. 

For those of you who are still having trouble studying, especially when dealing with PAS, here are some tricks you might try. Besides helping to improve the quality of learning, it’s also fun !

1. Make small notes

There was one error while studying. Normally, we have a tendency to memories every nuance of the information offered. Instead of you focusing on memorizing, it’s better to focus on the important points.

What is the strategy to get you interested in reading? When the teacher is presenting the material, record important things on sticky notes . For example the Pythagorean formula , the tenses formula , and create keywords that are easy to remember. By writing, you are recalling the lessons you know. Then, stick it in the places you see it often. Room wall, mirror, or book.

2. Underline Important Points

Underlining important things when reading or studying a book certainly won’t be difficult for you, right? If it’s complicated, using a ruler, highlighter or colored pens can make your book more colorful. If it is full of color, then your spirit will also increase. This method will make it easier for you to find the material you need because it saves time.

3. Make a Mind Map

There are more ways to save yourself studying hours and make you better prepared for exams. Try the mind mapping method . Mind mapping is a process of mind mapping to connect the concepts of certain problems. The resulting writing is a direct reflection of how the connections work in the brain. This method can also develop a creative way of thinking.

4. Increase your practice questions

Come on, who is still too lazy to answer practice questions? In fact, to face this PAS, it is very important to answer practice questions like that. The more often you answer practice questions, the more you will understand the question model being asked. Of course, the questions that will be tested later will not be much different from the previous practice questions.

5.  Case Studies

There is some material that is a bit difficult to understand just by following theoretical guidelines. Therefore, case studies could be the right choice. In this way, you will be faced with a case, so you can visualize the theory and understand it more easily.

6. Brainstorm

So, if you are bored of studying alone, there’s no harm in trying to study with friends. Brainstorming can be a way to exchange and expand the ideas that you and your friends have. When this process takes place, there is no right or wrong, everyone is equal. Apart from being more exciting, you will get lots of new ideas that will enrich your knowledge.

7.Find out your learning type

Understanding this type of learning should not be ignored, you know . If you understand your learning type, then in the future it will be easier to understand lessons in your own way. For example, by watching learning videos, listening to voice recordings, accompanied by songs, and so on.

8. Make a Study Schedule

This method may seem trivial but it has a huge impact. A study schedule can build your consistency in studying, especially in the period leading up to exams like PAS. Don’t make your study schedule just a display in your room. Use it as a trigger for your enthusiasm to be successful in facing the exam.


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