Easy to forget? Follow these 9 tips to increase study concentration

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Usually, feelings of forgetting when studying can also be triggered by several things, you know. For example, you are doing too many tasks, or your body condition is not healthy.

So, for those of you who like to forget when studying, check out the following 9 tips to increase your concentration! Let’s go~

1. Doodling

When you’re bored in class, have you ever taken pictures for fun? Without realizing it, you are making a doodle. Doodling itself is a term for drawing without a purpose. Therefore, the characteristic of doodles is that they are spontaneous.

They say that people whose hobby is doodling don’t pay attention to their surroundings. In fact, this activity can help us keep our brains active, you know!

In 2009, a professor named Mansoor conducted a study that proved that doodlers were able to remember facts 30% better than non-doodlers.

In the study, participants were asked to listen to a message about a party that would be held the next day. Well, participants must write down the names of everyone who can attend the party, and ignore the names of those who cannot attend.

Half of the participants were asked to fill in the boxes and circles on a piece of paper, then write the names. Others are only asked to hear the message and write their name, they are not allowed to scribble on the circle.

The result? The group who filled in the squares and circles were able to remember slightly better than those who just wrote their names.

Apart from that, doodling can also help you remember and understand material based on learning type. For example, if you are a visual type, you will prefer to learn from colored notes and cute pictures.

If you are a kinesthetic type, you can learn while understanding the material using your hands to take notes and draw.

2. Rosemary

Researchers found that inhaling the aroma of rosemary can improve brain performance and memory by 60-75%, you know! This method was used for people who often forgot to take their medicine on time and also remembered the date.

So, a psychology team at Dow University tested rosemary oil on 66 people by dividing the participants into two rooms. One room was sprayed with rosemary aroma, while the other was not.

Then, they were asked to do a series of tests aimed at testing their memory. As a result, people who were in a rosemary-scented room performed better than those who were not.

3. Make a fist

Did you know that clenching your fists affects your memory? A number of experts in the United States conducted an experiment on 50 adults.

These experts suggest that simply clenching your right hand can help increase your ability to remember things, for example shopping lists or telephone numbers. Then, clenching your left hand into a fist can help you remember events that happened in the past.

Well, from this research it was also found that when making clenching movements, it was easier for them to remember long words and sentences. Well , clenching your fists does have something to do with certain parts of the brain that are related to memory.

4. Brain Training Games

To keep the brain working as it should, it must continue to be sharpened. Why? Because our brains are like machines, guys. If the machine is idle too often, not moving, then over time it will be damaged, right. But, conversely, when it starts to be heated, then used, the engine will become more agile.

You can try playing classic games, such as Sudoku or crosswords which can improve memory and delay senility. Brain teasers are believed to be able to improve cognitive abilities, test the brain’s abilities in terms of attention and speed.

5. Mastering New Skills

Researchers say that every activity that is carried out regularly will improve memory. You can start from learning a foreign language you like, knitting, cooking, volunteering, and so on.

Do it with discipline and try to see changes afterward. From these activities, you must always upgrade your learning abilities. So, learn one new thing every day. If you need an expert tutor, you can try studying with a private teacher, joining a community, or looking for references via YouTube channels that provide quality content.

6. Get out of your comfort zone

When we are in a comfort zone, of course, we are reluctant to leave. However, it is precisely outside your comfort zone that you can grow.

If you are constantly in a comfortable condition, your life will certainly not be colorful. Just carrying out the same routine, not finding new challenges, will not shape you into a higher quality person.

Try to dare yourself to ‘ plunge’ into deeper water, and enjoy the sensation you get. No need to think too grandiosely, just start by pursuing a new hobby. Pay attention, study and absorb all the knowledge you can.

7. Use Unique Fonts

When reading books, newspapers, magazines, or whatever is on the internet, of course we want fonts that are easy to read, right? Eits , but researchers think differently, you know!

The best way to remember something you’ve read is to read it in an unusual font. The reason is, if you read something that is rather difficult to read, you are ‘forced’ to concentrate fully on the reading. Thus, this method will make it easier for you to remember. Wow, unique too, huh!

8. Neurobics

For those of you who don’t know, neurobics is an exercise or brain exercise that connects the stimulation of our five senses. The goal is to improve brain performance.

These neurobics involve changing unusual routines. So, the brain will perform different tasks to create new neural pathways .

For example, try using your left hand to brush your teeth. If left-handed, do it the other way around. Or, try bathing with your eyes closed. You can also try changing your travel route from home to school/campus/office to make it more exciting.

9. Teaching

If you have difficulty remembering lesson material, even though you have studied hard beforehand, maybe this method can help. You can pretend to be a teacher/mentor/lecturer who is teaching in class. Invite your friends to become students. Or, you can give a monologue explaining the material.

By teaching the material you have just learned to friends/other people, this can improve your memory and understanding of the material. Apart from that, you also transfer knowledge to other people.

Those are 9 ways to improve your memory, so you don’t forget easily and concentrate better. Apart from the tips given above, don’t forget to give your brain good nutrition, exercise regularly and get enough rest. Because a fit body will also affect brain performance.


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