Fight a sedentary lifestyle with our 7 physical activity tips and improve your academic and professional performance!

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Practicing physical activities is of great importance for maintaining a healthy life. Below, discover 7 simple exercises that you can include in your routine!

You have to move to have a healthier life! Many people know this, but end up failing to do physical activities due to a lack of planning, a busy routine, laziness or any other reason.

But it is necessary to take the first step to leave a sedentary lifestyle aside and, thus, take care of your body and mind, in order to reduce stress and even improve your performance at work and studies.

Better understand the importance of exercising and write down the 7 physical activity tips that you can include in your daily life. Let's go?

What are physical activities?

These are voluntary movements carried out with the body and that consume energy. Therefore, when we do any type of physical activity, we use our muscles and bone structure, generating caloric expenditure.

When we stop resting and move our body, whether walking, walking the dog or even sweeping the house, there is muscle contraction, therefore, we are performing physical activity.

What is the importance of physical activities in combating sedentary lifestyle?

Including physical activity in your routine requires a change of habit and is the first step to combating a sedentary lifestyle. At first, it may seem difficult, but over time you begin to realize the benefits of having a more active life, including:

  • increased cardiorespiratory capacity;
  • improved sleep ;
  • maintenance or reduction of body weight;
  • reduced muscle loss and strength gain;
  • more energy in everyday life;
  • prevention and control of diseases, such as obesity, hypertension, depression and diabetes;
  • prevention of some types of cancer;
  • improves balance and flexibility.

The coolest thing is that you can have these benefits by performing at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In other words, you can walk 30 minutes from Monday to Friday to leave your sedentary lifestyle aside and live better.

Can physical activities help with academic and professional performance?

You have seen how physical activities are a great ally for us to live healthier. But the benefits of exercising also extend to our mental health, helping you to be more productive in your studies and professional life.

When we move our body, we release the substance serotonin , which gives us a feeling of well-being, improves our mood, reduces anxiety and even helps us concentrate better.

When we do physical activity we also increase the level of dopamine in the body, which brings motivation and improves attention and memory.

7 physical activities to end a sedentary lifestyle

Physical activity helps prevent diseases, control anxiety and brings more energy to everyday life. But what kind of movement is possible? Follow the 7 tips below to eliminate a sedentary lifestyle from your life for good!

1. Walk or run

Walking is an exercise that does not require special equipment and can be done by anyone. So, you can go for walks in a park or even in your neighborhood.

You can also walk more with some strategies, such as when using public transport, getting off at the stop before yours, or if you are driving, stopping the car further away from your destination.

If you are in adequate physical condition, you can start running, which will demand more from your body and provide a higher caloric expenditure.

2. Cycling

How about cycling? Whether alone, with friends or family, cycling is an activity that brings pleasure, speeds up your metabolism and also allows you to enjoy beautiful landscapes. If your city has a good cycle path structure, you can even cycle to work or college.

3. Swimming or water aerobics

Those who want to practice physical activities in the water can plan to do swimming or water aerobics. Swimming, in addition to strengthening muscles, helps prevent respiratory diseases. Water aerobics is a low-impact activity that burns calories.

4. Dancing

Anyone who enjoys dancing, whether as a couple, alone or with friends, can take advantage of this moment of relaxation to combat a sedentary lifestyle. Dancing works different muscle groups, improves posture, flexibility and is an activity that promotes socialization.

5. Jump rope

A physical activity that will bring well-being is jumping rope. With movement, you tone your muscles, increase your cardiorespiratory capacity, improve balance, motor coordination and also your agility. Just a few minutes a day jumping rope is enough to take good care of your health.

6. Going up and down stairs

Anyone who lives or works in a building can take advantage of the stairs to do physical activity. Going up and down the steps will improve your blood circulation and increase muscle strength in your legs, hips and thighs.

7. Outdoor Games

Finally, create moments of leisure with your friends while practicing physical activity with outdoor games, such as throwing a ball, playing badminton, football, tug of war, among other interactions that will make you expend energy, have fun and enjoy yourself. feel better.

You've seen some physical activities to incorporate into your routine. So, after checking with your doctor that everything is ok for you to move, put on comfortable clothes and don't forget to hydrate yourself during exercise to make the most of this moment.


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