I was fired! 8 tips to get through this moment

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If you, as a worker, have been dismissed from your company, there are ways to deal with this moment so that it is as less traumatic as possible.

I know it may seem unlikely, but a dismissal can also become an opportunity for a professional to reevaluate their career and goals, as well as update themselves and seek knowledge of new skills. Of course, it is natural to have a moment of mourning, however, it is important that it does not last long. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to overcome, reinvent yourself and take the next step in your career.

Remember that, on the other side, HR professionals also find themselves in a crisis scenario, having to carry out many layoffs. Without a doubt, dismissal is one of the most difficult processes in the sector. Still, there are many ways to mitigate the negative impacts, helping former employees to overcome this moment and obtain a replacement in the market.

So, if you have been fired, we have put together some tips to help you manage and overcome this situation in the best way possible! Now, if you are an HR professional and need to dismiss, we will present some actions to welcome and help this person.

8 tips to face unemployment without despair

As soon as you receive the news that you have been fired you may think: “what now”? Well, the first step is not to panic, maintain self-control and try to organize yourself. To do this, we have put together some tips to get you through this moment.

1. Find out the reason for the dismissal

In times of financial crisis in our country, this tip may not work completely if you have been fired because of budget cuts, but often the dismissal occurs because the employee is unable to perform the role that the company expected.

Therefore, when you are fired, ask why you were fired. As uncomfortable as this may be, understanding where you failed will help with your personal and professional growth. Soon, you will be able to do better in your next job.

2. Take stock of your finances

Of course, not everyone can afford this luxury, but if you can count on your severance pay to spend some time investing in your self-knowledge and professional growth, do it. Looking for a job is not combined with anxiety, it is an activity that involves patience and the ideal is to find a vacancy that really makes sense for you.

Also, keep in mind that the severance pay and the benefits acquired through dismissal may seem like enough to keep you going, however, if you don't plan, you will end up spending everything in a short time. So, make a planning spreadsheet with the expected expenses for the next few months and control yourself so you don't end up in the red.

3. Update your resume

After resolving the bureaucratic part with the company and requesting your rights as a worker, the next step is to update your resume . To this end, in addition to adding your latest professional experience, invest in courses that you can take for free and online.

Another important point is that many companies are increasingly asking for a second language, so here we have a great tip: look for free English classes online. Certainly, all this improvement will add value to your resume and increase your employability.

4. Redesign your career

Professions are always undergoing changes. Therefore, be sure to stay up to date and seek to improve your skills. Whether by reading or through courses , lectures and workshops, in order to differentiate yourself in the job market.

Furthermore, it is important to align your skills, developing them according to the position you want to occupy and, in this way, you will have a better chance of being chosen in a selection process.

5. Network

Often, the chance to return to the job market lies in your network of contacts, that is, in networking, which is nothing more than building your relationship with people, sharing services and information between individuals who have the same interests in common. .

To expand your connection, you can send messages to former teachers, co-workers and build a more solid online presence through a professional network, such as LinkedIn — making it clear that you are open to proposals.

To network on LinkedIn, you need to have a good network of contacts, but remember that having many connections and few relationships does not guarantee an effective relationship. To do so, interact with these people via message or groups, follow influencers , like, comment on posts and congratulate their achievements.

6. Actively look

Now that you have prepared yourself financially, re-evaluated your career and CV and networked, the next step is to get the job you want. In addition to LinkedIn, also invest in job platforms and websites.

Another important tip is to “activate alert”, an option available on some of these platforms or even on Google itself, in which it is possible to add different filters and create alerts to receive an email whenever a new vacancy arises in the area. intended.

7. Find a freelance job you like and start your own business

Working as a freelancer in an area that you like and have an aptitude for can be a great alternative to earning extra income while that desired job doesn't arrive. Cooking, crafts, design, consultancy in areas in which you specialize, are some examples of activities that can be carried out as a freelancer.

It may even be that this temporary activity becomes something that you enjoy so much that it becomes a profitable venture and your main source of income.

8. Take care of your mental health

To overcome the anxiety of searching for a new job, invest in activities that improve mental health , such as meditation, walking outdoors or any physical exercise you prefer.

Some other symptoms may appear after a dismissal, such as discouragement, stress, panic attacks, etc. If this happens, be sure to seek psychological assistance.


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