Personal marketing: what is it and how to do it?

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Anyone looking for a job needs to prepare themselves to attract the attention of recruiters and stand out from their competitors. One of the recommended strategies is to invest in good personal marketing. With the right techniques, you can promote your professional image and achieve greater credibility in the market.

Do you want to better understand what actions can be planned and implemented to improve your position in the job market? In this context, we explain what personal marketing is, why it is important and how to carry it out efficiently. Check out more about the subject in the reading.

What is personal marketing?

Personal marketing is a set of techniques and strategies used to strengthen and promote the image of a professional in the job market. The strategy uses traditional marketing tools, aimed at promoting people. Its objective is to increase the individual's authority and visibility within their area of ​​activity.

This type of strategy can be used by those looking for a new job opportunity, recent graduates, professionals in career transition or even those who want to prospect new clients and obtain promotions within the companies where they already work.

How important is personal marketing?

The job market is getting more competitive every day, so standing out among other qualified professionals is not as simple as it seems. In this scenario, investing in the development of your personal brand could be the secret to having more job opportunities.

Among the great advantages of this type of strategy, we can mention:

  • Attract more attention to your work;
  • Show your skills and competencies ;
  • Increase the confidence of companies and customers in your work;
  • Make you stand out from the competition;
  • It guarantees more credibility and authority in the area of ​​activity.

This strategy is even more important for those who are looking for a job. This is because many of the techniques involved in building personal marketing will also help the professional prepare for interviews and other stages of the process.

How do I do my personal marketing?

Just like in a company that wants to improve its marketing, developing personal marketing also requires some planning. It is recommended that you create an action plan with tasks and strategies that must be followed to be successful.

Below, we list some important tips for building your personal brand.

Create your identity

Self-knowledge is the first step towards building your personal brand. It is necessary to reflect on skills, competencies, desires, objectives and values ​​to create a strong identity.

Furthermore, the professional must define his target audience, that is, which companies he wants to reach and attract. From this knowledge, it is possible to identify your positioning in the market and adapt your message according to the desired employers.

Another important point is to understand what sets you apart from the competition, which makes you stand out from the rest and become a better hiring alternative. To do this, it is worth carrying out a self-analysis and understanding what you have to offer, which is not yet being offered on the market.

Develop a good resume

The resume acts as a professional's business card. It is a summary of all your experiences, qualifications and interpersonal and technical skills and must be formatted and organized clearly so that recruiters know your trajectory.

Ideally, you should customize your resume according to the position you want to apply for. Adding keywords and terms consistent with the job description, to stand out, if the selection is made using artificial intelligence software.

Another element that can help with your personal marketing is the cover letter. It also needs to be personalized according to the vacancy and must have persuasive language. In this document, it is worth highlighting how you can add value to the company if hired.

Strengthen your online presence

Nowadays, it is impossible to talk about personal marketing without associating the concept with the use of social networks. This is because they are the main means of promoting your professional image in the market.

Therefore, building a consistent and professional online presence is very important for anyone who wants to stand out in the market.

Other social platforms, such as Instagram and even TikTok, can also be explored so that you can showcase your expertise and connections in your desired field. These networks help you create an image of authority, providing more credibility to companies and potential customers.

Network and create professional relationships

Another powerful tip is to expand your network of professional contacts. The more people you know in your field, the greater your chances of getting a referral for new job opportunities.

To this end, it is worth participating in events, conferences, courses, workshops, groups and communities in the area to exchange experiences, points of view and knowledge.

Try to create and cultivate authentic and lasting relationships with influential professionals and authorities, so that they know your work. Investing in networking is very important within any market, it can open doors for you, in addition to increasing your vision of the area.

Seek constant improvement

Professional development is another point that cannot be left aside. Increasing your knowledge is a way to differentiate yourself in the market, specialize and stand out.

The tip is to map your skills and competencies to find gaps that need further development. From there, you can look for improvement opportunities such as courses, workshops, professional development programs and even specializations and postgraduate degrees.

Improvement must be constant, to keep up with the speed of new technologies and tools. Therefore, try to demonstrate proactivity and initiative in the search for personal and professional growth.

Learn to argue in your favor

Finally, your ability to argue in your favor is another important point that must be developed in personal marketing. If you are looking for a job opportunity, you need to know how to behave in a job interview or presentation to show your strengths and differences.

Our tip is to prepare yourself very well for this type of situation, researching the company, the position and the responsibilities of the role.

It is also important to study public speaking techniques. Mastering the art of verbal and non-verbal communication can make a good impression and make you stand out. So, try to clearly communicate your achievements and skills during the interview.

What to avoid when doing your personal marketing?

The personal marketing strategy is very beneficial for professionals who want to achieve better positions in the job market. However, it is important to avoid some mistakes that could hinder the process.

  • The first mistake that should be avoided is improvisation. It is recommended that you plan carefully and follow the plan to the letter. Changing the strategy mid-process can end up weakening it.
  • Another point to avoid is generalist. The secret to good personal marketing is, precisely, finding your differences and specializing. Professionals who do everything, but are experts in nothing, end up not being able to position themselves as a reference in the market.
  • Finally, never lie or manipulate information about your training and capabilities. Lying on your resume or in interviews can end up causing you to get in trouble or not be able to deliver what you set out to do.


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